Wednesday, April 14

Hello everyone!!! It has been a year and a half since I have posted on this blog, and what a year it was!!! Full of ups and downs and the little surprises life throws at you!!! I’m now two years older, and have that much more experience (and that much more spelling expertise, I hope!) I now announce the joyous return to this blog, which will hopefully be updated at least once a week. (Keep your fingers crossed!!!)

I have some other great news as well. In the hiatus that I took, my family grew by one member, a little boy who is turning one in a month!!!


(Oh Happy Day!! This post is full of exclamation marks!!! :))


I’m almost done with school for the year (Seton Home Study School again!!!), so that hopefully will make it easier for me to update.

I love you all, and hope your day is full of joy!!!


God Bless,



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